Video: The Sexy Lie

"Caroline Heldman, the chair of the Politics department at Occidental College, explains to her audience what sexual objectification is and why girls are taught that it can be empowering when the reality

Video: The Sexy Lie2020-08-26T13:39:55+10:00

The Ikea Assembly Meltdown

Building your own furniture… it’s an unstated test of true manhood. Guys gravitate to the challenge, particularly when its a guaranteed shoo-in.  Meet the Ikea* Challenge… it’s supposed to be easy right?

The Ikea Assembly Meltdown2015-01-15T14:57:18+11:00

Loving Smarter

How can an otherwise intelligent man be such a dumb lover? For over twenty years I have bought my wife those very expensive chocolates to show her I love her, only to

Loving Smarter2015-01-15T14:57:22+11:00

An Unexpected Anniversary Gift

Only a man would attempt this... (Originally found somewhere in the depths of Facebook)   A guy who purchased his lovely wife a pocket Tazer for their anniversary submitted this: Last weekend

An Unexpected Anniversary Gift2015-01-15T14:58:37+11:00

Gender Differences: tolerated or celebrated?

For several dark decades last century, the god of political correctness demanded that we speak, think and act as though men and women were essentially identical. Thankfully, common sense has prevailed and

Gender Differences: tolerated or celebrated?2015-01-15T14:58:42+11:00

Respect & Cherishment

What's the Diff? While everyone experiences love uniquely, some clear gender patterns have emerged through relationship research. In one study, when given the option between the negative choices of being ‘alone and

Respect & Cherishment2015-01-15T14:59:34+11:00

Enlightened Childbirth: Hilarious

We just watched this video, together with our eldest daughter and son's girl friend.  Practically split our sides laughing! The scenario, two nonchalant husbands set out to prove that women exaggerate the

Enlightened Childbirth: Hilarious2015-01-15T15:00:39+11:00

Free Sex? The Unintended Cost of the Pill

While the western world celebrates the 50th anniversary of the pill, an American economist, Timothy Reichert*, using simple but powerful competition theory, is questioning its benefit to women.The Mating MarketThe theory goes

Free Sex? The Unintended Cost of the Pill2015-11-23T09:42:18+11:00
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