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Facilitated by our trained presenters, our SmartLoving talks, workshops, and retreats offer a range of solutions for your community. Once you decide on the format and topic, all you need to do is provide the venue, refreshments and the participants!

Option 1

In person Presentations

Maximise participant interaction, opportunity for private conversation and informal discussion with presenters. 

Option 2

Online Presentations

Launch your event quickly, minimise disruption to participants and invest savings to other projects.

1. Talks

These 60-90 min talks can be flexibly tailored to your needs such as engaged couples, newlyweds, school parents or youth. Presented by one of our trained presenters, these talks provide insightful content coupled with practical strategies.

A range of topics are available including:

  • Commitment
  • Communication
  • Theology of the Body (an introduction)
  • Sexual Affirmation
  • Arguments
  • Forgiveness
  • Family Prayer
  • Couple prayer
  • Dating
  • Marriage Catechumenate

... and many more 

Includes presentation, individual/couple reflection activity and handouts. Speakers are also available for conference talks and workshops and professional inservice.

2. Workshops

Running for 2-4 hours, our workshops can be flexibly tailored for couples across the life cycle, leaders or clergy. Facilitated by our trained presenters, these workshops aim to provide practical applications so that participants make real progress in their relationships..

A range of topics are available including:

  • BreakThrough (Overcoming Relationship Gridlock)
  • Fertility 
  • Money
  • Effective Strategies for Busy Couples
  • Theology of the Body for Couples
  • Couple Decision Making
  • Training for Mentor Couples 
  • Sponsor Orientation
  • and more.

Includes presentation, individual/couple reflection activity, group discussion (where appropriate) and handouts. Training materials may incur additional cost.

3. Retreats

Multi-day experiences designed to refresh, renew and empower married couples. Facilitated by trained MRC presenters together with local parishioners to provide hospitality and the parish priest or retreat centre staff, our retreats can be tailored to newlyweds, young marrieds, marriage educators or a mixed group.

  1. Marriage Seminar: Insightful content coupled with practical skills and powerful strategies to equip couples for deeper intimacy and increased vibrancy.  Available in two-day format (weekend or consecutive Sundays) or a compact evening + one day format.*  Suitable for residential or parish based events.
  2. Passionate Love Retreat: A Theology of the Body immersive experience with couple spiritual exercises. Residential retreat only. 2.5 - 3 days.

Both experiences include presentations by trained presenting couples, individual reflection and couple discussion and a participant workbook.

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*Seminar Formats

  • Two Day | Usually run over a weekend (Sat 9-9, Sun 9-5) or on two consecutive Sundays. Residential seminars usually run from Friday evening and conclude at lunchtime on Sunday.
  • One Day |  A compact version run over an evening + one day (eg Fri 7-10 pm+ Sat 9 am -10 pm). The seminar omits some of the content but is a complete experience for couples.