The Fine Print

It’s important to read the fine print before you sign on a dotted line and marriage in the Catholic Church is no different. Matrimony is more than just getting married in a church; in

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Wedding Mayhem!

Weddings these days are fraught with stress for engaged couples. Dealing with family expectations, full-time jobs and a wedding industry on the make are some of the unwelcome realities in the

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Wedding Stress Tamed!

Planning a wedding is busy and stressful! The practical reality of organising the many details is complicated by the tension of negotiating differences between each other while navigating the expectations of extended

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The Rules of Engagement

  Author Tamara RajakariarThis article first appeared in the FamilyEdge section of MercatorNet, a news site dedicated to reframing modern complexities in a framework of human dignity: here     Yes, I know, I’ve

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My Many Marriages

We all understand that our marriages go through their ups and downs, but we often don’t appreciate that they also go through fundamental changes over the years. We have come to realise

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