From Death Comes Life

Why does death and decay so horrify us? Why do our hearts restlessly seek immortality, everlasting peace, enduring joy and beauty? In this Easter message from the Theology of the Body Institute, Dr Christopher West shares powerfully about his experience at the death bed of his sister. And, drawing on the reflections of Pope Benedict…

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The Communion of persons

Ron & Kathy Feher Interview

Ron and Kathy Feher describe the late Pope John Paul II’s concept of “The communion of persons” and how it relates to the topic of dialogue.

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Why Won’t You Have Sex with Me?

Christopher West | The Cor Project | More: here “Why won’t you have sex with me?” she pleaded. “I want to learn to love you in the right way,” he responded with heartfelt emotion. “But I want you to desire me!” she insisted. “I do,” he said. “But what I desire is to love you, not use you.” A…

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