That Romantic Atmosphere

On Friday afternoon we went on a bush walk with Byron’s work colleagues. Although we were with other people, we so enjoyed the time together. Walking is remarkably therapeutic for us…

That Romantic Atmosphere2021-06-18T14:20:45+10:00

Monogamy is Supernatural

I came across blogger Matt Walsh and was captured with his bold articles. Here's a great one on monogamy and marriage. His response to the frustrated professor's letter below will leave

Monogamy is Supernatural2020-02-05T15:00:30+11:00

Wrangling the Memory Factor

Our memories are a powerful influence on our present wellbeing. Good or bad, old or recent, our past experiences form us into who we are today and our memories reinforce it

Wrangling the Memory Factor2018-09-13T10:30:30+10:00
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