Forgiveness – A New Year Resolution you can keep

Too many New Year resolutions falter because they fail to address what really needs changing: the internal disposition that compels us into unwanted habits. A few years ago, we got a letter from an irate reader. We were tempted to point out his clear misinterpretation that led him to conclude almost the direct opposite of…

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Mercy – The Gift you Give Yourself

The Year of Mercy began on December 8 and forgiveness is in the air. Pope Francis has called this extraordinary Jubilee year to draw attention to the need for mercy at all levels of society and in the church community too. But seeking mercy is not easy and giving it can be equally hard. None-the-less,…

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What is Forgiveness?

Ron & Kathy Feher Interview

Forgiveness is not an emotion – it’s a choice to surrender our case against the other, to lay down our resentment. Ron & Kathy Feher explore the role of forgiveness in marriage.

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