The Easy Way or God’s Way?

Sometimes, poor formation is obvious. Other times, we may not readily recognise its detrimental impact because it seems so natural and compatible. But is the easy way always the best way? Or might God be calling us to something more than what we inherited from our families. Most of the time, the disagreements we have…

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How to Forgive More Easily

We remember those long nights in the first year of our marriage. In the infancy of his career, Byron was often late home from work as he juggled the demands on his time. Initially, Francine was so grateful when he finally arrived that she didn’t register the hurt that his lateness caused. Over time and…

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Myths about Arguments

When it comes to marriage and relationship, there are a lot of myths out there. Here are five of the most common. Myth 1: Good couples don’t argue. The presence or absence of arguments is not a good indicator of the health of a marriage. Some couples who don’t argue are living detached, parallel lives.…

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Help For Marriages Under Stress

January is typically the peak month for divorce applications in English-speaking countries. Having made the decision to divorce, many couples agree to postpone the application for one last Christmas together as a family. The parents hope that by delaying the devastating news until after Christmas, the children will be able to enjoy the day and then have a few weeks…

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Why is forgiveness so hard?


In this Year of Mercy, there’s lots of talk about forgiving: God’s expansive forgiveness and our own obligation to forgive others. We get it. It’s important. Incredibly so. But why is it so darn hard to do? From our earliest experiences as children, we’ve been told how important it is to forgive. We also taught…

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Central to the experience of God’s mercy is the Sacrament of Reconciliation, which, with the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick, is a specific sacrament for healing and mercy. Sam Guzeman and Linda Lochtefeld offer their powerful experiences of God’s mercy in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Connie Rossini suggests some other ways we can celebrate…

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Making Peace with Francis

If there is one thing for which the great Saint of Assisi is revered, it’s his peacemaking (feast day: October 4). Pope Francis, through the Year of Mercy is building on his namesake’s priorities and calls us all to seek peace in our homes. Pope Francis’ peacemaker mission is clearly articulated in his Jubilee Year…

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Stop the Train…I Want to Get Off!

Stop the Train I want to get off

How the divorce superhighway fails couples. Speaking recently with one of America’s foremost family therapists, Dr Bill Doherty, we had a lively discussion on the divorce process. He noted that there are a significant proportion of couples who are ambivalent about their divorce, but once they file, it’s like they are on a superhighway with no…

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Love needs more than "I'm sorry".

Love means more than saying “I’m sorry”. There’s a difference between the ‘I’ centred statement “I’m sorry”, and the other centred statement, “Will you please forgive me?” The ‘I’ centred statement simply acknowledges a fact. A person might recognise that they behaved poorly, inconsiderately, insensitively, thoughtlessly or carelessly. They might also just want to move…

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