Intentional Relationship

No matter how easy it is to fall in love, staying in love requires attention and effort. Most people drift into love, marriage and family without a whole lot of conscious

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SmartLoving Keys

On a mission to love… Every couple wants to avoid divorce and get along without too many fights. A successful marriage however, is much more than just this; it is a

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On a mission to love

Quality or Quantity...or both? Many people in our society measure a successful marriage simply by its longevity and a long marriage is certainly something to celebrate. However, most of us want more

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On a Mission to Love

Invest in Love Our ten year old son is a great rugby player. He spends hours in the backyard kicking the ball around, usually over the neighbours’ fence! He eats, sleeps and

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New Product: Sexuality as Gift

In a world where sexuality is crassly exploited it can be difficult to connect with its giftedness. Yet gift it is: given by God to each man or woman to draw him

New Product: Sexuality as Gift2015-01-15T15:05:13+11:00
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