Climax Problems (Sex)

Climax, or orgasm, occurs when the level of arousal reaches a point of intensity that triggers rhythmic muscular contractions in the genital area. Orgasm is also associated with intense experience of

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Intentional Intercourse

All natural fertility methods require the couple to abstain from sexual intercourse during the time of combined fertility if they wish to avoid pregnancy.

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Recommended Reading – Topic: Sex

There are a number of excellent resources available, however some lack the insight of the Christian perspective. In whatever you read, measure the content against the teachings of the Church and

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Two of Us: Sex and Sexuality

A couple exercise to explore love making and sexual atmosphere Reflect Separately, say the prayer and spend some time reflecting on the questions. Write some notes so that you can share more fully

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The Language of Love

A sacrament makes visible in a human way something that is invisible or spiritual. In other words, a sacrament images and reveals the mystery of God. Every sacrament has two key aspects

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Enhancing Sexual Communion

Looking for ways to deepen your connection and enhance your sexual communion? Try these ideas: 1. Prayer for passionate other-centredness. It can seem like a strange thing for which to pray, but

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Arousal Problems (Sex)

Arousal has an objective and a subjective component: The subjective component refers to feeling involved, connected and turned on. The Objective component refers to the biological response which includes vaginal lubrication

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Love Making

Sexual Response Human sexuality is a complex and varied experience; every person experiences their femininity or masculinity uniquely. Moreover, this experience will evolve over the years of a person’s life, and at

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