Climax Problems (Sex)

Climax, or orgasm, occurs when the level of arousal reaches a point of intensity that triggers rhythmic muscular contractions in the genital area. Orgasm is also associated with intense experience of pleasure.

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Intentional Intercourse

All natural fertility methods require the couple to abstain from sexual intercourse during the time of combined fertility if they wish to avoid pregnancy.

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Enhancing Sexual Communion

Looking for ways to deepen your connection and enhance your sexual communion? Try these ideas: 1. Prayer for passionate other-centredness. It can seem like a strange thing for which to pray, but

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Arousal Problems (Sex)

Arousal has an objective and a subjective component: The subjective component refers to feeling involved, connected and turned on. The Objective component refers to the biological response which includes vaginal lubrication

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Love Making

Sexual Response Human sexuality is a complex and varied experience; every person experiences their femininity or masculinity uniquely. Moreover, this experience will evolve over the years of a person’s life, and at

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