Cohabitation #4: Commitment Discrepancy

Although cohabitation is now the norm, research demonstrates that this practice is counter-productive in its impact on the future marriage. Rather than enhancing it, cohabitation subtly undermines it. There are diverse reasons

Cohabitation #4: Commitment Discrepancy2015-01-15T14:59:46+11:00

Cohabitation #3: Commitment Delay

What impact does cohabitation have on the stability of the future marriage? In this third part of the series looking at why divorce is around 50% higher for couples who previously cohabitated

Cohabitation #3: Commitment Delay2015-01-15T15:00:36+11:00

Free Sex? The Unintended Cost of the Pill

While the western world celebrates the 50th anniversary of the pill, an American economist, Timothy Reichert*, using simple but powerful competition theory, is questioning its benefit to women.The Mating MarketThe theory goes

Free Sex? The Unintended Cost of the Pill2015-11-23T09:42:18+11:00

Addicted to Busy

Busy Bees “I’m a very busy person. Don’t waste my time!” How often have we heard that line! Busyness in our culture has become endemic. We don’t know anybody who isn’t busy.

Addicted to Busy2015-01-15T15:02:24+11:00
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