Men And Women Are Not Equal

Hitting the nail on the head....a great article by Bernard Toutounji I am sorry to be the one to raise this issue but I am going to pucot it straight out there

Men And Women Are Not Equal2015-01-15T14:58:32+11:00

Gender Differences: tolerated or celebrated?

For several dark decades last century, the god of political correctness demanded that we speak, think and act as though men and women were essentially identical. Thankfully, common sense has prevailed and

Gender Differences: tolerated or celebrated?2015-01-15T14:58:42+11:00

Respect & Cherishment

What's the Diff? While everyone experiences love uniquely, some clear gender patterns have emerged through relationship research. In one study, when given the option between the negative choices of being ‘alone and

Respect & Cherishment2015-01-15T14:59:34+11:00
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