Programmed for love or for trouble?

We were recently hosted overnight in the country home of friends. It was a beautiful experience in every way. Our hosts greeted us with warmth, housed us in a tastefully appointed bedroom

Programmed for love or for trouble?2019-11-06T11:05:04+11:00

The Ikea Assembly Meltdown

Building your own furniture… it’s an unstated test of true manhood. Guys gravitate to the challenge, particularly when its a guaranteed shoo-in.  Meet the Ikea* Challenge… it’s supposed to be easy right?

The Ikea Assembly Meltdown2015-01-15T14:57:18+11:00

The Other Sex

Language Matters For years, advocates of inclusive language have been steadily drawing our attention to the clumsy use of language which can alienate various ethnic groups or religious adherents, the elderly, the

The Other Sex2015-01-15T15:02:18+11:00

New Product: Sexuality as Gift

In a world where sexuality is crassly exploited it can be difficult to connect with its giftedness. Yet gift it is: given by God to each man or woman to draw him

New Product: Sexuality as Gift2015-01-15T15:05:13+11:00

Gender Bias in Intimacy

While almost everyone acknowledges that men and women are different, managing these differences is not so easy, especially in the area of intimacy. A woman’s preferred way of achieving intimacy is deep

Gender Bias in Intimacy2015-01-15T15:05:14+11:00

Gender Complementarity

Are we from the same planet? The popularity of John Gray’s “Men are from Mars & Women are from Venus” (and titles by other authors), signals the widespread recognition of gender differences

Gender Complementarity2015-01-15T15:05:15+11:00

Loving Smart

Everyone experiences love differently. Biology, upbringing, personality and experiences all influence the way an individual likes and needs to be loved. Being different in this way isn't a problem. In fact it's

Loving Smart2015-01-15T15:05:18+11:00

Gender differences – Respect & Cherishment

When we understand our gender differences, we are empowered to use them constructively to build great relationships. “Each of you, however, should love [agapé] his wife as himself, and let every wife

Gender differences – Respect & Cherishment2015-01-15T15:05:22+11:00
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