War and Peace on the Home Front

Every nation remembers the sacrifice of their war veterans with a Memorial Day. Thinking about your marriage: is it more of a battlefield than the safe harbour it is intended to be? Through our work with couples, we often encounter those in embattled relationships. They’ve become trapped in a fractious pattern where almost every interaction…

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It Takes One to Tango


We’ve all heard the saying: it takes two to tango. But is it true that the only way to improve a marriage is if both husband and wife co-operate? Marriage is like a dance. If one spouse changes his or her steps, that changes the dance. The truth is, it only takes one spouse to…

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Love is a Dance

Dr Sue Johnson is a renowned therapist and specialist in attachment theory. For more articles, visit: http://www.drsuejohnson.com/ There are only so many dances in a love relationship. The happier we are, the more fluid and varied the dance with our partner is. We feel safe together so we improvise and play. But do you notice that, when…

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