How to Help a Marriage in Trouble

Over our years as a married couple we’ve had numerous occasions when people have approached us about their troubled marriage. It hasn’t always been in the context of being the facilitators at the marriage seminar either – sometimes it’s just a friend looking for support or a family member needing a sounding board. What we’ve…

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Breaking Through

Every marriage goes through seasons – seasons of delight and seasons of heartache.Sometimes, those dark seasons are simple missteps that are corrected quickly and overcome with an even deeper tenderness the result. Sometimes they can seem interminable – stretching into a hope-voided distance. Whatever your season of marriage, the SmartLoving BreakThrough workshop is an essential experience. Unlike…

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How a Confidant can Help a SOS Marriage

Be There for a Friend’s Relationship Crisis, But Don’t Give Advice By ELIZABETH BERNSTEIN | Updated Feb. 9, 2015 | Wall Street Journal | Full Article: here Sooner or later, someone in the depths of a marital or relationship problem will want to talk about what’s going on and possibly to ask for advice. Being there for…

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Early Action Can Make the Difference

Imagine if the only time we serviced our cars was when they broke-down.  We could live like this but we don’t for obvious reasons. So why do we treat our marriages this way? In marriage, couples counselling is like road side assistance for cars… critically important when needed but not always able to solve the…

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Mid-Life Madness and other Stressors

Midlife Madness and other Stressors

As mid-lifers in the midst of working through some of our ‘issues’, we are acutely aware of how easy it would be to let our individual stuff derail our marriage. It’s normal for a person in midlife to be irritable and volatile. Some react with depressive symptoms, others get angry and aggressive, others withdraw or…

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Getting Help

Getting help for your troubled marriage

If your marriage is in strife and you need some help, it’s important to make sure you get the right help. Unfortunately, many counsellors and therapists will accept couples for couples counselling without having any specific training. Couples therapy is a unique and one of the most difficult counselling tasks and you deserve a therapist…

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