Stonewalling: A Silent Killer in Marriage

Stonewalling – aka ‘the silent treatment’ – is common in many marriages. Never helpful and poorly understood, we ignore it at our risk. Stonewalling is the practice of withdrawing from an interaction, shutting down and closing ourselves off from the other. We may be physically still present, but we become un-responsive, emotionally withdrawn, and non-communicative.…

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The Easy Way or God’s Way?

Sometimes, poor formation is obvious. Other times, we may not readily recognise its detrimental impact because it seems so natural and compatible. But is the easy way always the best way? Or might God be calling us to something more than what we inherited from our families. Most of the time, the disagreements we have…

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Porn Isn’t Harmless For Either Those Watching Or Partaking


Originally posted on Exposing the Truth, posted by Michael Thomas Excerpt #1: “As if that wasn’t bad enough, of the 50 best-selling adult videos (amounting to 304 scenes), 90% included physical violence against the talent; additional analysis revealed that of that 88%, 94% of the violent acts were committed against women. Additionally, research shows that 9 in 10 men…

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