Mercy Gospel Reflection: Feb 14



Gospel Reflections for Married Couples

14 February – 1st Sunday of Lent 

In this week’s Gospel reading, the devil tries unsuccessfully to tempt Jesus in the wilderness.

It’s an experience that any married couple can relate to.

Take a moment to reflect on the temptations that married couples can fall prey too.

Infidelity in marriage means being unfaithful to our spouse.

There are many way to be unfaithful. Not just sexual infidelity but when we incorrectly prioritise our work, our children, the internet, television, social media, etc.

Take a moment to reflect on whether your priorities are in order.

What may need to change for you to be more faithful to your spouse?

Make a plan for Lent.

A Reflection by Karen and Derek Boylen

Bulletin Clip Version 


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