Mercy Gospel Reflection: Dec 27


Gospel Reflections for Married Couples

27 December – The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

In this week’s Gospel, Mary and Joseph, without realising it leave the boy Jesus “behind in Jerusalem.” When they realise they have lost him they go back “looking for him everywhere.”

It’s not uncommon for married couples, at times, to lose things that are precious to them in the busyness of life. Often, without meaning too.

It can be small moments of connection that used to bring them joy.

This week find something that’s been lost in your marriage and talk about how it might be found.

A Reflection by Karen and Derek Boylen

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About the Author:

Derek is a marriage counsellor and Director of Catholic Marriage and Fertility Services for the Archdiocese of Perth. Karen is a Speech Pathologist and home-schooling Mum. Together they have seven children, two dogs, one cat and a budgie. They like curry and red wine.

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