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Strengthen your relationship

The SmartLoving Marriage seminar is an engaging program for married couples that really works! The seminar teaches couples how to approach their marriage in radical love with profound results. Drawing on the wisdom of the authentic Catholic teachings on Theology of the Body, you will learn refreshing insights and powerful strategies to re-invigorate your marriage.

Why SmartLoving Marriage?

Couples who stay successfully and happily married have made marriage their mission. They choose not to just ‘settle down’ and coast along, but to actively keep growing in their relationship.

Everyday experience tells us that men and women are different. These differences can leave us frustrated and mystified or they can be the source joy and passion.

Whether your marriage is solid and loving or stressed and fragile, if you are looking to advance your relationship, think about joining hundreds of couples who have attended a SmartLoving Marriage seminar.

Learn some of the most up-to-date ideas and skills on offer and, in the process, rediscover the joy of being a man and woman in love.

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for:

  • Couples in stable marriages who want to experience a deeper connection.
  • Couples in a stressed or fragile marriage rebuilding their marriage.
  • Couples celebrating a significant wedding anniversary.
  • Couples wanting some much needed quality time out together.

A Unique Couple Experience

The SmartLoving Marriage Seminar is time for you, as a couple. Your time as a couple is precious and we value your investment in your Marriage.

Delivered by trained married couples, you will hear talks as a group but complete reflection activities individually or as a couple.

You can be assured that the seminar experience, while attended in a group setting, is private. There is plenty of time to share with your spouse and there is no compulsory group sharing.

The SmartLoving Marriage Seminar is a unique experience that has outstanding results. Book into one of our seminars and invest in your most precious asset, your marriage.

Available in two formats

“It’s an all round experience…unlike any other seminar I’ve been on. Great food, excellent input and NO GROUP SHARING! I was initially sceptical but am so glad Cathy convinced me to go.”


“It was a platform for reconciliation and meeting other wonderful couples. It saved our marriage from a slow death. Thank you so much.”

Alison & Steve

“The course allowed us to understand each others emotional and physical needs. And the benefits don’t stop with us…our children have a mum and dad who continually support and affirm one another.”

Louise & Mark, Your Content Goes Here