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This is an official form that needs to be filed by the MRC office for EVERY COUPLE who completes the course with an MRC mentor in Australia (i.e. couples who book and pay through MRC). It is part of the requirements for maintaining our Tax Deductibility status and professional practice. You can post the form to your coordinator, or log the information online (using the form below). 

For Mentors working in other countries, please check with your coordinators regarding admin requirements.

Checklist. Helps you keep track of your admin responsibilities and is the attendance record. Send the originals to your coordinator and keep a copy if you desire.

Priest Contact. This is important for our accountability and ongoing promotion of the course. We want to build strong relationships with the priests referring couples to us.

Address after wedding. Use this space to record to which address future correspondence should be sent.

Notes.  These are not your personal notes (make these on a separate paper). Any notes that you record should be factually stated. A good rule is to only write what you would be happy for the engaged couple to read.

Couple Record – Word Doc

SLE Couple Record – Online form

  • Engaged Couple Details

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY

  • Mentor Details

  • This is required as the form will go directly to your coordinator.
  • Attendence Record

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY

  • Mentor Couple Admin

  • Priest Contact Details

  • Couple Contact Details after Wedding


Each Couple Workbook contains its own Feedback Survey. Make sure you collect these in the last session (don’t let the couple leave without finishing!) and be sure you read the feedback before posting to your coordinator.


  1. Feedback & Certificate of Completion: Get the couple to complete this in the last session. Be sure to complete the details and cross out any sessions not attended
  2. Enclose all in an envelope and post to the priest, or scan and email.
  3. If there is a local priest supervising them but they are marrying overseas, you may need to make a copy of the materials for both priests.



  1. Graduation (last session): Complete the details; make sure they have your contact details should they wish to contact you in the future. Include brochures (SL Engaged (for their friends), SL General).
  2. Wedding. Write a short message on the card and have it ready to post the week of the wedding. You might like to make a copy of the prayer you wrote for their marriage. Include brochures (SL Marriage, SL General, Intentional Couples Booklet).
  3. First Anniversary. Send your greetings on their first anniversary (you’ll need to diarise this!).  Include brochures (SL Marriage, SL Mentors).

Hot Tip!: Write all your cards at the last session and have them ready for posting. Address the envelope and put the date of the event (wedding or first anniversary) discretely on the outside and file these in order by date so that its easy to keep track.


Resources for Coordinators:

Engaged Couple Management Notes

Download Here

Order Admin Packs: +61 4 3434 6280 


DVD Files

High Definition DVD files for download (mp4)

Click here to download videos


These are abbreviated versions of the Session workbook and may be used for training, or for couples who have forgotten their workbook.

Session 1 | Session 2 | Session 3 | Session 4 | Session 5 | Session 6


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