Face-to-Face Mentoring

For couples marrying in the Catholic Church

An approved course for Catholic marriage prep

SmartLoving Engaged is an innovative program to prepare you and fiancé for Marriage in the Catholic Church.

This comprehensive course is a rich audio-visual experience that takes you on a journey of discovery, guided by video input and supplemented by the lived experience of married mentor couples. The content takes the timeless wisdom of theology and the most recent insights from psychology to give you and your fiancé the tools you need to understand what marriage is and set you up for a loving and fulfilling relationship that lasts a lifetime.


Course Overview

Who is this course for?

  • Engaged couples preparing for marriage
  • Committed dating couples discerning marriage
  • Civilly married couples preparing for Catholic marriage
  • Newlywed couples wanting to strengthen their marriage

Key Features

Presented by trained married couples

Six sessions of 2 hours face-to-face + 1 hour at home

Each session includes private couple sharing and innovative tools to help form good relationship habits

Practical tools and take-home activities

Can cater to couples in remote areas, or separated by distance

Participant Workbook that has content, activities, stories from other couples and insights from Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body

Extras included when you register

12 month subscription to the Engaged Member’s Hub

Access to the Catholic Wedding Liturgy Planner

Introduction to Natural Fertility (A Total Gift of Self)

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Couples Testimonials

"Enjoyable, revealing and rewarding, you'll be encouraged to consider things you may not even be aware you need to think about."

Jason & Katlyn | South Africa

"Useful, practical, deeply insightful and encouraging."

Andrew & Tara | Australia

"We loved how interactive this course was and how much closer it has brought us together.

Thank you!"

Emily & Brian | USA


"An intense, helpful and extremely well-constructed course for engaged couples wanting to get the most out of their marriage."

Carol & Steve | USA

"We've come out with a better understanding of who we are individually and where we want to go collectively as a married couple with actual plans. We've already implemented a few of the techniques we've learnt from the course."

Maria & Lucio | Italy

"We really enjoyed participating in this course at our own pace and having so many valuable resources available to us along the way."

James & Veronica | Ireland

"The highlight of SmartLoving for us would be the friendly and down to earth personalities of the team, especially Byron and Francine and how they make the course easy to listen to and understand."

Jovy & Lan Huong | Australia

"A useful way to take time out and think beyond the superficial. The practical activities were so enlightening for us."

Phoebe & Greg | Greece

"I am full of awe at what lays ahead. One thing that didn't hit me until a little while ago was the fact that when we are married, I won't have to do this alone but we'll have prayer on my side and the power of the sacraments to help us grow in our union. It's a very encouraging thought."

Tim & Sarah | Australia

"A great course to really open up and build your relationship. Worth every cent to learn how to really love your fiance with many practical tips and helpful insights."

Christian & Joan | UK

"We have already recommended the course to our friends. It is really applicable, even for non-religious couples. The skills we learned we will continue to use throughout our marriage."

Nick & Grace | USA

"I was apprehensive about doing the course because of negative experiences my friends had had with other courses. It turned out to be everything I DIDN'T expect - extremely practical and useful - definitely worth doing."

Alice | France

"It has been an eye-opener for us both and we both feel we appreciate the power and importance of marriage."

Gerard & Cami | Philippines

"It has been educational and enriching, bringing us closer as a couple and better preparing us for married life. The main highlight for us were the connection rituals."

Dagma & Jannick | Germany

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