New and Improved SmartLoving BreakThrough

We are excited to announce that we have completed Stage 1 of the BreakThrough Companion Project - a three part series designed for spouses in distressed marriages. 

Stage 1 included:

Updates to the learning platform and Participant activities
Generation of an expanded Participant workbook
Design of the Companion Track

Hang on…What’s the Companion Project about?

In the past, Participant’s generally worked their way through the SL BreakThrough course alone in the online platform. For many, this was a powerful and helpful experience, but for a significant cohort was under-utilised. These Participants really needed a more personal accompaniment, one that was a flesh and blood accompaniment.

BreakThrough Companions accompany the Participant in the experience meeting up after each part to pray with, encourage, and support the Participant in their transformative journey.

The Companion project will be a great asset to those who provide pastoral care to spouses in marital distress, including priests, deacons, religious, parish ministers, school counsellors and community volunteers.

There’s More to Do

Stage 2 now needs resourcing and includes:

    • Development of training materials
    • Recruitment and training of Companions
    • Assessment and refinement of the Companion track

Future stages will focus on the translation of all materials into Spanish and other languages, expansion into new communities, collaboration with allied professions such as counsellors.

Help us to rollout Stage 2

We’ve already funded the core Companion track development but not the critical elements of the rollout. Your donation will help us to make this happen faster and to reach wider.

Ways to Help

Contribute Financially



GOAL: $5.000

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Become a companion



GOAL: 250

A Companion is a person who accompanies a spouse in distress as they progress through the BreakThrough course. Their role is to support, encourage, and pray with the Participant, as they learn the frameworks and apply them in their marriage.

Say a Prayer



GOAL: 100

We can never have enough prayer! The work we do in promoting God’s vision for marriage can attract opposition –
please pray for us and our volunteers that we will be courageous and sensitive in all that we do.

Will you pray for SmartLoving?

Testimonials from our Graduates

"I enjoyed learning about new tools we can use. I learned about gratitude and knowing my spouse needs me to learn better ways of loving them. I will be doing the 40 day gratitude challenge suggested."

Male, 57.

"This course has given me a positive outlook and hope to overcome our troubles."

Female, 33.

"Wow! I learned how selfish I am/was. I learned strategies that will make things better instead of worse. I really need to work on forgiveness and not holding grudges and especially to identify my emotional needs and take a break to do that. Not to escape from them."

Female 31 years married, 5 children.

"Breakthrough helped us raise topics we had not dealt with properly."

Male, 29 years married.

"The course has made me think more deeply about my part in our marriage relationship. I probably became too involved with all things children to the neglect of the affection and needs of my spouse, over the years. I regret this neglect on my part but the course has given me hope that I can correct some of that neglect, hopefully a lot of that neglect in time. I intend starting the forty days today and extending the forty days to every day of my life." 

Female, 65, married 39 years.

Our mission continues

Expand our reach in disadvantaged communities - Ongoing

We would love to continue our support of couples across disadvantaged communities as well as developing countries in Africa, Asia, Central and South America.

Let communities know about what we offer - Never Ending!

We need to let leaders know about our courses through marketing campaigns, emails, phone calls and the printing and posting of leader information packs. It costs us $30 - $70 for each one (postage costs vary).

Our closed captions translations project - Ongoing

The closed captions available in English, Spanish and Polish on our course videos are being used by international couples and those for whom English is a second language. The closed captions also make the course more accessible to the hearing impaired. We will continue to translate our courses into other languages to reach more couples.

Refilming of A Total Gift of Self (Lesson 7) - COMPLETE!

Thanks to you, our generous donors, we have now completed the re-make of the Total Gift of Self film. 

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