Video: Many Voices, One Promise

This is a magnificent tribute to the glorious commitment that is marriage. Drawn from multiple cultural and religious traditions, the video celebrates and honours the beauty of the marriage commitment. It

Video: Many Voices, One Promise2020-05-08T11:26:58+10:00

Video: Breaking Through

When you feel stuck in your marriage, unable to move forward, we call it relationship gridlock. Accumulated hurts keep you both stuck in resentment and defensive. Sometimes it feels like your

Video: Breaking Through2018-01-18T14:49:44+11:00

The Marriage Kit: Why Marry?

Couples marry for all sorts of reasons, but one of the almost universal expectations of couples is that marriage will make them happy. It is after all a dominant emotion of the

The Marriage Kit: Why Marry?2020-10-27T16:22:04+11:00

Love Lesson

Love is complicated...or is it? A message from kids on love for St Valentine's Day.[vsw id="1czDASTpH9M" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]

Love Lesson2015-12-19T15:02:59+11:00

The Stick Kit

It's not always easy to stick together! When relationships come under stress, its tempting to give up, give in or walk away. Whether its a marriage or parent-child relationship, you can find the

The Stick Kit2016-01-29T11:05:12+11:00

Business Time

We were reading an article today about an African tribe that refers to sex as the 'work of the night'.  It made us think of this classic from the Flight of the

Business Time2020-10-16T16:15:52+11:00

What Women Want

In her typical engaging style and with practical suggestions, Karen Doyle addresses the Young Men of God conference on What Women Want.For the audio file and for more great Catholic content, visit

What Women Want2020-08-27T15:55:14+10:00

New SL Engaged Promo Video

We are deeply grateful to Laura Bradley and Joe Cain, together with Philipa and Luke Caufield for their willing ness to star in our recent production of some promotional videos. We've made two

New SL Engaged Promo Video2015-10-15T14:48:13+11:00

For Better or Worse?

Byron and Francine Pirola discuss the importance of hope in navigating the inevitable 'for worse' times that afflict our marriages. This short video is a sample from their popular online course, 'The Marriage

For Better or Worse?2020-10-27T16:53:37+11:00
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