Monogamy is Supernatural

I came across blogger Matt Walsh and was captured with his bold articles. Here's a great one on monogamy and marriage. His response to the frustrated professor's letter below will leave

Monogamy is Supernatural2020-02-05T15:00:30+11:00

Words to make her smile

[Disclaimer: we take no responsibility for the advice tendered in this column unless husbands read it to the end. :-)] A few weeks ago, Francine came across a blog post by Shaunti

Words to make her smile2019-04-29T14:49:16+10:00

Business Time

We were reading an article today about an African tribe that refers to sex as the 'work of the night'.  It made us think of this classic from the Flight of the

Business Time2020-10-16T16:15:52+11:00

In Marriage, Big Boxes Can Be Trouble

Humour is an indespensible asset in a marriage. This week we feature an exerpt from this very funny story by Cindy Chupack in the NY Times. Click the link to read the

In Marriage, Big Boxes Can Be Trouble2015-08-14T10:49:48+10:00

Puppy Love

You Fall In Love with the Front End of the Puppy Scott Stanley talks about commitment | Read more from his blog: here There are a lot of ways to explain why

Puppy Love2015-02-20T12:25:47+11:00

Weird Things All Couples Fight About

What do you argue about? Watch this funny video and see if there isn't at least one conversation you recognise from your own relationship!  

Weird Things All Couples Fight About2015-01-15T14:54:07+11:00

Singing Priest Rocks Wedding

Irish priest Rev. Ray Kelly has ignited a social media storm (6 million + views at time of writing) with his surprise cover at a wedding earlier this month. Set to Leonard

Singing Priest Rocks Wedding2015-01-15T14:55:51+11:00
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