Making the most of single life

Many people see single life as the opportunity to have some fun and ‘live it up’ before they ‘settle down’ to marriage. In fact, some see it as vital to do

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The Stick Kit

It's not always easy to stick together! When relationships come under stress, its tempting to give up, give in or walk away. Whether its a marriage or parent-child relationship, you can find the

The Stick Kit2016-01-29T11:05:12+11:00

The Benefits of Marrying in your Mid-to-late 20s

W. Brad Wilcox | Washington Post | Full article: here These days, 20something marriage has gotten a reputation for being a bad idea. That’s partly because parents, peers, and the popular

The Benefits of Marrying in your Mid-to-late 20s2020-02-04T17:22:29+11:00

Love Overcomes F.O.M.O.

In our previous column, we talked about FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and the harm it does to relationships, especially among young adults who can so easily be diverted from pursuing enduring

Love Overcomes F.O.M.O.2015-07-17T14:47:59+10:00

Marriage at First Sigh

That’s one very big, long sigh. As in ‘here we go again in unreality TV’. Today we took the plunge and sat through the first two episodes of Marriage at First

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The Soul Mate Quest

Chasing 'Happily Ever After' It sounds so romantic: ‘Destiny’ has each of us perfectly matched with someone with whom we will form an instant rapport. All we need to do is

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Video: The Economics of Sex

It's all about supply, demand and a little pill. Leave a comment and let us know what you think.      

Video: The Economics of Sex2015-02-26T20:46:16+11:00

What is Commitment?

A few years ago, we were giving a talk on chastity to a group of young people and some of them challenged us, saying that “sex before marriage was ok if you

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