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Help for marriages under stress

Breakthrough the issues at play in your marriage:

BreakThrough Online gives you 3 hours of training with world leaders in marriage education, Dr Byron & Francine Pirola

It’s easy to get discouraged by our disconnection. Arguments over petty incidents, too busy to romance each other, crowded with other responsibilities. We all go through these periods that we need a breakthrough in our relationship.

  • Learn how arguments happen: manage them better or avoid them altogether

  • Understand your internal drivers: and how your spouse is triggering you

  • Process the pain of past injuries: making you stronger and less reactive

  • Restore hope for your relationship’s future: with practical strategies

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  • 61 USD* | 50 GBP*
  • Complete the course on your own timetable in the convenience of your own home.

*Sold in AUD, price may fluctuate due to conversion rate

Who should register?

  • Couples in stable marriages who are experiencing disconnection.
  • Husbands or wives, with or without their spouse, in stressed marriages.
  • Those who are separated or divorced and want insight into what went wrong.

Privacy Assured

In signing up to the online course, you can be assured that none of your personal information will be shared with third parties.

Your privacy and confidentiality are strictly respected.


SmartLoving BreakThrough Online is suitable for individual spouses or couples who are experiencing stress or unresolved conflict in their relationship, or whose relationship is ‘gridlocked’; ie those who can’t seem to move beyond past hurts to progress their relationship.

BreakThrough is practical and solution focused, so you will learn strategies you can start applying today – with or without your spouse – to move your relationship forward.

You will learn about arguments; how they start and how they escalate. You will learn how to identify and understand your deeper needs, as well as processing the pain of past injuries. You will also uncover your conflict triggers and internal drivers so that you can recognise how and why your spouse (intentionally or unintentionally) triggers a reaction in you.

There are various individual activities to complete and prayers to recite at the beginning of each lesson.

The course takes from 3-4 hours to complete. There are videos to watch as well as individual activities to complete. To make the most out of the course, we suggest you take your time completing the activities and progress through the course sequentially.

All you need a computer/tablet/mobile device with high-speed internet access, the printed handouts and a pen.

BreakThrough Online uses the power of both paper and digital media. Your course comes with a digital PDF with permission to print one for you and your spouse (if you are doing the course together). It is available to download in Lesson 1 of the course.

When you follow the prompts to register for BreakThrough, you will be taken to a checkout where you will need to create a username and password to set up your account. Once you pay for the course, you will gain instant access to it.

If you are completing the course with your spouse, you only need one account between you.

You will have 365 days to complete BreakThrough Online from the date of purchase. The best time to start the course is NOW!

Both formats cover the same content.

The advantage of the online course is that you can do it at your own pace and on your own schedule.

The live format is structured so that you complete the course within 3 hours. You will, therefore, need to complete activities within the set times. Your facilitator will lead the prayers, present the information and answer any questions you may have.

If you are interested in hosting the live BreakThrough Workshop in your parish, please contact us directly at: [email protected]

Yes, you can. You do not need your spouse to do the course with you. We will teach you strategies which you can implement in your relationship independently of your spouse.

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If you have any questions about a course, its presentation, delivery or administration, ​​​please use this form to ask our friendly team.

Ready to Register?

  • 61 USD* | 50 GBP*
  • Complete the course on your own timetable in the convenience of your own home.

*Sold in AUD, price may fluctuate due to conversion rate