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Meet Our Team of Relationship and Marriage Specialists

Byron & Francine Pirola
Directors, Marriage Resource Centre

Coauthors of the SmartLoving series, they reside in Sydney, Australia and have five children.

Edmund Adamus
UK Coordinator

Edmund is the Director for Marriage and Family Life Diocese of Westminster, London. He is the coordinator of SmartLoving activities in Great Britain.

Louise & Mike Kelleher
NZ Coordinators

Louise works for the Archdiocese of Wellington. She and Mike have five children and 4 grandchildren.

Ron & Kathy Feher
USA Contact

Ron & Kathy are the directors and authors of the USA sister programs of SmartLoving, the Living in Love Series. They reside in Philadelphia, have ten children and 9 grandchildren.

Our Credentials

The Marriage Resource Centre and its international affiliate, the Pastoral and Matrimonial Renewal Centre have been developing and delivering marriage courses and seminars for over forty years. In excess of 100,000 couples have attended our seminars, retreats, courses and conferences and many more have accessed our insights and frameworks through our articles, talks and blogs.

The SmartLoving series is recognised internationally as one of the most comprehensive range of materials for Catholic marriage formation.

Become a Mentor

Join the Team!

Mentoring is one of the most effective ways to sustain your own marriage and keep it vibrant and healthy. As a Mentor couple you will be exploring the SmartLoving insights and applying them in your own marriage as you share from the wisdom of your experience. Moreover, you will be providing a valuable service: The many challenges facing couples in this age makes it vital that they be given the tools and support to be successful in marriage from the very beginning.

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