What’s in a vow?

Earlier this week we had a ‘date night’ at West Side Story. We thoroughly enjoyed the evening even though we had seen it before in a youth group version. This time,

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Making the Wedding Vows Stick

It’s common for married couples celebrating a significant wedding anniversary to have a renewal of vows ceremony. The truth is, most couples in long-lasting marriages are renewing their vows a lot more

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To Have and to Hold

The Meaning How often have we heard those classic words from the silver screen or at a church wedding!  At its most basic, “To Have and To Hold” refers to the

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The Language of Love

A sacrament makes visible in a human way something that is invisible or spiritual. In other words, a sacrament images and reveals the mystery of God. Every sacrament has two key aspects

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Body Language

Pope John Paul II called marital sex a sacred body language, an act that communicated the total self-giving of husband to wife and wife to husband. This sacred meaning of sexual intercourse

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