The Language of Love

Natural fertility methods promote an attitude of shared responsibility for your fertility management and family planning decisions. The process of learning about your fertility and how to apply your knowledge will provide

The Language of Love2016-11-03T10:49:51+11:00

Free Sex? The Unintended Cost of the Pill

While the western world celebrates the 50th anniversary of the pill, an American economist, Timothy Reichert*, using simple but powerful competition theory, is questioning its benefit to women.The Mating MarketThe theory goes

Free Sex? The Unintended Cost of the Pill2015-11-23T09:42:18+11:00

The Pill and Partner Choice

It has long been known that hormonal contraceptives diminish a woman's natural sexual drive (also called 'libido'). Now there is real life evidence that the Pill also affects a woman's partner choice. In a

The Pill and Partner Choice2015-01-15T15:05:11+11:00
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