It Takes One to Tango


We’ve all heard the saying: it takes two to tango. But is it true that the only way to improve a marriage is if both husband and wife co-operate? Marriage is like a dance. If one spouse changes his or her steps, that changes the dance. The truth is, it only takes one spouse to…

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BreakThrough Strategy – TaNGo

Do you feel stuck in your relationship? Going nowhere? Frustrated and hurt by your spouse’s behavior?   Read on to learn about TaNGo, a powerful strategy from the BreakThrough workshop. For additional notes, visit the slide show at Breakthrough – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires To find out more about the BreakThrough…

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BreakThrough Workshop – Aug 10, Pennant Hills, Sydney

>Identify your conflict triggers. >Learn strategies to de-escalate an argument. >Understand what the real issues are. >Find constructive ways to re-establish connection. All couples go through periods where their relationship is strained. Stress, sleep-deprivation, demands from family and work can starve your marriage of the positive energy it needs and deserves. Soon, you find yourselves arguing…

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