Marriage or Matrimony?

People call a lot of relationships ‘marriage’. Everything from cohabitation (common law marriage) to civil contracts (secular marriage) to the Judeo-Christian concept of covenant. In a Christian marriage there is a desire for the marriage to be open to the Lord and a willingness to look to scripture and the Church community for direction. If…

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Engaged Couples Ask Pope Questions

On the feast of St Valentine’s Day, Pope Francis answered the questions of three engaged couples in St. Peter’s Square, with an audience of 20 000 other young engaged couples. Here are their questions: Question 1: The fear of the “forever” Holiness, so many today think that to promise faithfulness for the whole of life…

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Body Language

Sacred Body Language

Pope John Paul II called marital sex a sacred body language, an act that communicated the total self-giving of husband to wife and wife to husband. This sacred meaning of sexual intercourse is built into the act itself and cannot be simply discarded or altered. The message of sex: “I give myself to you, freely,…

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