The Power of Ritual

Routines are enormously useful in keeping our lives purposeful and organized. For those of us with children, routines are more than useful – they can be a life saver; without routines, family

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A Marriage in Trouble

Stepping Out of the Blender: The Keys of Successful Blended Families   Chuck and Melinda were both married and divorced before meeting each other.  Married to each other for 5 years, they

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                It’s easy for parents to despair of teaching their kids abstinence.  According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute (the research arm of Planned Parenthood), 70%

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Anxiety Control

High Anxiety: Seeking Sanity when the World  Goes Nuts “It’s like a mystery novel around here.”  George explained, frustrated with the corporate restructuring his company was going through.  “…And Then There Were

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Weekly Podcasts

Tune in to local Wollongong radio, Pulse 94.1 to hear Francine & Byron Pirola and many more guest speakers.  The Journey show airs on Sundays 11am-12pm and Wednesdays 10-11pm     Love

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Truth on Tap 2012

SmartLoving: Relationships that really work from dating to marriage Last week, Francine and Byron Pirola spoke to the youth at Truth on Tap in the Brookvale pub. They addressed key issues surrounding

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