Video: Many Voices, One Promise


This is a magnificent tribute to the glorious commitment that is marriage. Drawn from multiple cultural and religious traditions, the video celebrates and honours the beauty of the marriage commitment. It is one of a series from Humanum Enjoy!

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Three Tips for Trust – Haiku Deck

Relationships thrive when trust is strong. But how do we build it in the first instance, and then recover it if we’ve lost it? Here are three tips to help you build trust and hold on to it.     3 Tips for Trust – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

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Marriage or Matrimony?

People call a lot of relationships ‘marriage’. Everything from cohabitation (common law marriage) to civil contracts (secular marriage) to the Judeo-Christian concept of covenant. In a Christian marriage there is a desire for the marriage to be open to the Lord and a willingness to look to scripture and the Church community for direction. If…

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