The Grace-Filled Couple

The Grace-filled Couple

Religious practice is often a point of difference for couples, especially if they each come from a different religious tradition. Regrettably, couples frequently respond by making spirituality a taboo topic. Even for couples of the same faith, sharing their spiritual life is a challenge. In our marriage, one of us expresses their spirituality in a…

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Two of Us: Our Commitment

A couple exercise to explore your level of commitment Reflect Separately, say the prayer and spend some time reflecting on the questions. Write some notes so that you can share more fully with your spouse. Answer the following questions in terms of your spouse. Prayer What a wonderful Father You are.  It is so good to…

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Trinity Prayer

For a deeper experience of couple prayer and you may like to try the Trinity Prayer. This simple format: incorporates worship of God the Father with affirmation of your spouse, promotes reconciliation and unity through the confession to Jesus of your limitations and failure to love, empowers you with graces from the Holy Spirit to…

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