Three Ways to a Resilient Marriage

We’ve been hearing from many of our SmartLoving leaders around the world looking for help in supporting couples under stress. There’s certainly lots of stress going around with pandemic induced changes

Three Ways to a Resilient Marriage2020-09-04T10:10:21+10:00

Perfectly imperfect marriages

Yesterday, as we were preparing to run a training session later that day, we had ‘one’. An argument of sorts. It was more like a ‘splat’ – two angry statements from

Perfectly imperfect marriages2018-03-16T17:03:13+11:00

Marriage Nomads

We’ve been reading a book on the writings of St John of the Cross and in one section the author talks about perseverance in the ‘Nomad Culture’. St John was a Spanish

Marriage Nomads2016-06-01T13:55:39+10:00

Video: Inspiring True Story

A true Ironman story of perseverance, strength and above all; love.        

Video: Inspiring True Story2015-01-15T14:59:39+11:00
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