Mercy Gospel Reflection: Apr 3

Gospel Reflections for Married Couples3 April – 2nd  Sunday of EasterIn this week’s Gospel, we hear those famous words spoken each week at Mass during the sign of peace, “Peace be with you.”Can you speak these

Mercy Gospel Reflection: Apr 32017-09-20T14:05:47+10:00

Making Peace with Francis

If there is one thing for which the great Saint of Assisi is revered, it’s his peacemaking (feast day: October 4). Pope Francis, through the Year of Mercy is building on

Making Peace with Francis2020-01-21T15:44:21+11:00

War and Peace on the Home Front

As Australia celebrates the centenary of the ANZAC landing in Gallipoli, think about your marriage - is it more of a battlefield than the safe harbour it is intended to be?   Through

War and Peace on the Home Front2015-04-23T14:44:41+10:00
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