Quit Brooding!

Part 2 of It Takes One to TangoYou are dissatisfied with your marriage.Your spouse may or may not share your disillusionment.Your spouse may or may not be willing to work with you

Quit Brooding!2016-02-25T12:37:46+11:00

For Better is Important too

We all understand how important it is to know that your spouse will be there to support you during the hard times. Having someone to rely on in difficult times gives couples

For Better is Important too2015-01-15T14:55:55+11:00

A Habit of Thanks

Think Positive I was very pessimistic as a teenager. I tended to see everything negatively, and even when something good happened, I always noted how it could be better. I didn’t make

A Habit of Thanks2015-01-15T15:02:22+11:00

Power of Prayer

Prayer does not change God, it does not always change the situation, but it does change the heart of the person praying. Many people do not trust prayer, or doubt it's

Power of Prayer2021-01-05T14:53:08+11:00
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