A Field Hospital For The Soul

We’ve written a lot about forgiveness, about the need to forgive others not just because Jesus’ commands us to do so but because it liberates us to receive love. As we

A Field Hospital For The Soul2021-01-05T15:27:28+11:00

Celebrating Saint Valentine

Bulletin Advertisment A Message for Married Couples on St Valentine's Day God does not call us to mediocrity. God calls us to be a radical witness; to bring alive

Celebrating Saint Valentine2020-02-11T14:02:17+11:00

When Mercy is Hard to Do

Our last column (Bringing Mercy to Marriage) generated some interesting comments from readers on our blog so we thought we’d expand on the topic – what it is, what it isn’t

When Mercy is Hard to Do2018-03-16T17:12:36+11:00

Bringing Mercy to your Marriage

It’s Divine Mercy Sunday this week, one of our favourite feasts. Inspired by the writings of St Faustina, a Polish visionary of the 20th century, this feast honours God’s infinite capacity

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Why is forgiveness so hard?

In this Year of Mercy, there’s lots of talk about forgiving: God’s expansive forgiveness and our own obligation to forgive others. We get it. It’s important. Incredibly so. But why is

Why is forgiveness so hard?2018-04-03T13:28:01+10:00

Mercy Gospel Reflection: Apr 3

Gospel Reflections for Married Couples3 April – 2nd  Sunday of EasterIn this week’s Gospel, we hear those famous words spoken each week at Mass during the sign of peace, “Peace be with you.”Can you speak these

Mercy Gospel Reflection: Apr 32017-09-20T14:05:47+10:00


Central to the experience of God’s mercy is the Sacrament of Reconciliation, which, with the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick, is a specific sacrament for healing and mercy. Sam Guzeman


Mercy Gospel Reflection: Dec 13

 Gospel Reflections for Married Couples13 December | 3rd Sunday of AdventSaint John the Baptist in this week’s Gospel tells us that in preparing for Christ “if anyone has two tunics he must

Mercy Gospel Reflection: Dec 132017-09-20T14:07:22+10:00
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