Attention Deficit Marriages

In a fast-paced world, our attention is a rare and valuable commodity. Is your marriage suffering from attention deficit? True confession: some evenings you’ll find us sitting on the couch with the TV playing and us both on our laptops or other individual devices. We know; it’s not particularly noble and we have a sense…

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You’re late! And other Marital Mishaps

There’s an age-old argument that seems to plague couples the world over. No, we’re not talking about the toothpaste tube or the toilet seat up or down debate. We’re referring to the ‘you’re late!’ issue. We’ve all been there. When our spouse keeps us waiting, it hurts. There can be good reasons for it, or…

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Little steps make a big difference


A couple of weeks ago we reflected on a chance encounter with a local restaurant owner while we were grabbing coffee. He had just had their first baby was in shock as new parents. It led us to reflect on the reality, that anything in life worth having required investment; be it work, fitness, children…

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