Why Reality TV Makes Us Stupider

These days we rightly talk a lot about exploitation and abuse. It comes in many forms and we worry we might walk past it without noticing. Recently 665,000 Australians not only walked past but sat and watched something that we should recognise for what it really is – workplace exploitation abuse. The airing of ‘reality’…

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A Second Look at First Sight

So we’ve watched the third and fourth episode of Marriage at First Sight. For those unfamiliar with the series, it’s a reality TV program where participants agree to live as husband and wife for one month with a person matched to them by science. Each of the four couples meet for the first time at…

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Marriage at First Sigh


That’s one very big, long sigh. As in ‘here we go again in unreality TV’. Today we took the plunge and sat through the first two episodes of Marriage at First Sight (Channel 9).  By all means watch them if you want, or be kind to yourself and just read the synopsis (here). For those…

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