It Takes One to Tango

Many people believe that a good relationship requires equal effort from both husband and wife. And so, if your spouse is unwilling to change or invest more in the marriage then

It Takes One to Tango2019-05-15T11:11:11+10:00

Know What You Want

Part 3 of It Takes One to Tango Perhaps you’ve heard the saying: Failure to plan is a plan to fail. So many people fail to experience the fullness of their

Know What You Want2018-04-03T15:58:50+10:00

Do Something Different

Part 5 of It Takes One to TangoToo often people don’t think or act ‘sanely’ when it comes to their marriage problems. Picture this common scenario: a wife is frustrated that her

Do Something Different2016-07-28T13:29:11+10:00

Change Starts Here

Part 4 of It Takes One to TangoAll change in our relationships should start with ourself. While it’s comforting to be able to blame our spouse for the inadequacies of our marriage,

Change Starts Here2016-06-14T15:59:14+10:00

Quit Brooding!

Part 2 of It Takes One to TangoYou are dissatisfied with your marriage.Your spouse may or may not share your disillusionment.Your spouse may or may not be willing to work with you

Quit Brooding!2016-02-25T12:37:46+11:00
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