#19 Transition to Parenthood

The transition to parenthood is a challenge for all couples but for a couple that experienced almost a decade of infertility the change from being a married couple with no kids, to parenthood can be a dramatic shift in their identities and relationship. In this podcast Laura and Joseph Cain share their rollercoaster of marriage,…

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Finding a different path to fruitfulness

Photo by Joe Yates on Unsplash|Jenny Brinkworth|Life to the Full Cover|Debra and Tony Vermeer

Book Review By Jenny Brinkworth With one in six Australian couples experiencing infertility, a new book by Debra Vermeer will be a welcome resource for Catholic couples. When Catholic convert and respected journalist Debra Vermeer was grappling with the reality that she and her husband Tony could not conceive a child, she found the shelves…

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And baby makes three… or not

The big family planning issue for most couples used to be how to avoid unexpected pregnancies. As more couples marry later in life, increasingly this is shifting to be how to achieve the number of pregnancies they desire. In our last column, we discussed the ‘Goldilocks’ principle as it relates to the optimum age to…

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