The Marriage Myth

Part 5 in the Quest for Happiness SeriesToo many times have we heard the complaint – “I’m just not happy in this marriage anymore”. For couples today, personal happiness has become the measure

The Marriage Myth2016-01-08T17:26:31+11:00

Resilience Of The Marital Kind

Let’s face it – marriage can be a tough gig these days. Living in a culture that almost expects marriage to fail, couples wonder what they can do to immunise their relationship

Resilience Of The Marital Kind2015-10-03T15:04:17+10:00

Marriage: to be happy or to be holy?

”… And they lived happily ever after”… it’s the ending of the fairy tale love story and has become the expected story line of most modern day couples. Swept away by passion

Marriage: to be happy or to be holy?2015-01-15T14:59:38+11:00
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