Gender Bias in Intimacy

While almost everyone acknowledges that men and women are different, managing these differences is not so easy, especially in the area of intimacy. A woman’s preferred way of achieving intimacy is deep

Gender Bias in Intimacy2015-01-15T15:05:14+11:00

Gender Complementarity

Are we from the same planet? The popularity of John Gray’s “Men are from Mars & Women are from Venus” (and titles by other authors), signals the widespread recognition of gender differences

Gender Complementarity2015-01-15T15:05:15+11:00

Gender differences – Respect & Cherishment

When we understand our gender differences, we are empowered to use them constructively to build great relationships. “Each of you, however, should love [agapé] his wife as himself, and let every wife

Gender differences – Respect & Cherishment2015-01-15T15:05:22+11:00
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