Myths about Arguments

When it comes to marriage and relationship, there are a lot of myths out there. Here are five of the most common. Myth 1: Good couples don't argue. The presence or

Myths about Arguments2021-07-02T18:07:02+10:00

Autopsy of an Argument

How do you recover from the carnage of an argument? Here's a game plan to help you heal the rift and learn from the experience! 1. Stop:  Allow yourselves time to cool off.

Autopsy of an Argument2015-01-15T15:05:21+11:00

Anatomy of an Argument

Have you ever found that you seem to be having the same argument over and over? Sometimes this may be because you didn’t resolve the issue in the previous argument, and so

Anatomy of an Argument2015-01-15T15:05:22+11:00

Why Couples Fight in Ikea

“Why do couples fight in Ikea?” friends asked us. They had made a long-planned store visit on the weekend and almost every couple they encountered, including themselves, were stressed, tense and exchanging

Why Couples Fight in Ikea2015-01-15T15:05:25+11:00
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