How to fall in love…again


We recently had the joy of attending a presentation by Mike and Alicia Hernon from The Messy Family Project. Among the many pearls of wisdom was the reminder that ‘faking it till we make it’ was a legitimate strategy for strengthening our marriage and ‘falling in love’ with each other again. Mike and Alicia pointed…

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Fall in Love, stay in Love


It was our thirtieth wedding anniversary last month. On the weekend before we took some much-needed time alone with a 24-hour escape into the city. Included in our itinerary was Reconciliation and Mass at St Patricks, Church Hill. Established in 1844, this historic church in the heart of the city was one of the earliest…

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Serial Dating or Smart Dating?

Why is it that as a society we only get serious about saving a marriage when it is under threat of ending? What might happen if we paid as much attention to the front end of the marriage, at the second or third date? Persuing Romance The reality is that most people will marry someone…

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