The Midlife Crisis Reinvented

Recently we were talking with a woman whose husband is in the grip of a midlife meltdown. Actually, she wasn’t the first; there have been a string of them over the years, all unique in their story line, but also sadly similar. The so called ‘midlife crisis’ has been stereotyped over the years with caricatures…

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Anxiety Control


High Anxiety: Seeking Sanity when the World  Goes Nuts “It’s like a mystery novel around here.”  George explained, frustrated with the corporate restructuring his company was going through.  “…And Then There Were None.”                 George’s company was facing layoffs.  Every day, he came into work to find that yet another colleague had gotten the axe. …

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Mid-Life Madness and other Stressors

Midlife Madness and other Stressors

As mid-lifers in the midst of working through some of our ‘issues’, we are acutely aware of how easy it would be to let our individual stuff derail our marriage. It’s normal for a person in midlife to be irritable and volatile. Some react with depressive symptoms, others get angry and aggressive, others withdraw or…

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