Hold on to what you love!

As we fall across the ‘Christmas-NY’ line, we look back on the past month with a sigh of relief and a tinge of regret... yet another frantic Advent with barely time to

Hold on to what you love!2015-01-15T14:57:11+11:00

Connect Hug

Question: How can couples reconnect when things are tense and distant between them? Preferably without words?? Answer: Connect Hug!  

Connect Hug2015-01-15T14:57:23+11:00

Hug to Diffuse

It’s happening again. Suddenly we find ourselves in that all too familiar territory:  we’re gridlocked in an argument about goodness-knows-what and it’s starting to turn nasty. Our spirits deflate and we both

Hug to Diffuse2015-01-15T15:06:16+11:00
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