Hold on to what you love!

As we fall across the ‘Christmas-NY’ line, we look back on the past month with a sigh of relief and a tinge of regret… yet another frantic Advent with barely time to think about Jesus or our loved ones except to curse the ones who obstinately remain difficult to buy for. Every year, we swear…

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Connect Hug

Question: How can couples reconnect when things are tense and distant between them? Preferably without words?? Answer: Connect Hug!   Connect Hug – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;

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Hug to Diffuse

hug to diffuse

When the tension mounts, what can couples do to restore their harmony? The Connect Hug is simple and powerful. Learn how to hug to diffuse. It’s happening again. Suddenly we find ourselves in that all too familiar territory:  we’re gridlocked in an argument about goodness-knows-what and it’s starting to turn nasty. Our spirits deflate. We…

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