Knot Yet #8: Finding Myself

When emerging adults in committed relationships are polled about why they haven’t yet married, a common theme is ‘the need to find themselves’. They don’t feel ready to give themselves totally in

Knot Yet #8: Finding Myself2015-01-15T15:06:17+11:00

Knot Yet! #7: The Continuity Factor

Many people assume that what they do as singles will not affect their future marriage relationship. They see single life as the opportunity to ‘have some fun’ and ‘live it up’ before

Knot Yet! #7: The Continuity Factor2015-01-15T15:06:17+11:00

Knot Yet! #6: The Marriage Drain Myth

“You’re throwing your life away!”, was the message one bride in her early twenties was told. Many people delay marriage, and discourage other young would-be newly weds, because they believe that marriage

Knot Yet! #6: The Marriage Drain Myth2015-01-15T15:06:17+11:00