Stonewalling: A Silent Killer in Marriage

Stonewalling – aka ‘the silent treatment’ – is common in many marriages. Never helpful and poorly understood, we ignore it at our risk. Stonewalling is the practice of withdrawing from an interaction, shutting down and closing ourselves off from the other. We may be physically still present, but we become un-responsive, emotionally withdrawn, and non-communicative.…

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What Me Worry


When Worry is a Way of Life “I’m so worried one of my kids will get sick and die.” “I have to hold my grandson’s hand every second or some pedophile will come and kidnap him.” “You got to move that picture hanging on the wall next to our grandson’s bed because I can’t sleep worrying…

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Anxiety Control


High Anxiety: Seeking Sanity when the World  Goes Nuts “It’s like a mystery novel around here.”  George explained, frustrated with the corporate restructuring his company was going through.  “…And Then There Were None.”                 George’s company was facing layoffs.  Every day, he came into work to find that yet another colleague had gotten the axe. …

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