Fertility Coaching Track


How it works

  1. Once you go through the checkout and create your account, you’ll receive an email with contact details for your SL Fertility Coach. Your coach will provide instructions for setting up a chat communication (usually What’s App or Signal) and explain your next steps.
  2. You can book your coach sessions whenever you chose but as a guide, we recommend the following.
    1. Coach Session 1 – end lesson 4, beginning cycle 1: Work your way quickly through to Lesson 4 which is when you will begin keeping a fertility record. This is a good time to book your first coach session.
    2. Coach Session 2 – end lesson 5, end of cycle 2: You’ll need to wait until you have completed 2 cycles before applying Lesson 5. Once you have done this, book your second session.
    3. Coach Session 3 – end lesson 7, end cycle 4:  Complete lessons 6 & 7 during cycle 3 then book your final coach session.
  3. You can leave a voice message or get feedback on your fertility record via the chat communication at any time for 6 months. Keep messages brief and allow 1-2 days for your coach to reply.

You can sign up at anytime during the course, but for maximum benefit, sign up early.

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